jueves, 7 de abril de 2011



I would explain about my job. I´m Official Exam Teacher. I have been teaching for two years ago. Now, I´m teaching in a Academy in Novelda. Before I was teaching in Elche, in another academy, but it closed one year ago. I have seven students.


I love teaching because you can make that people learn new knowledge and they can pass exams with your help. This is amazing and made me better as a person.


The Oficial exams are very difficult and depends of kind administration you present your application. In my opinion many administrations are demanding requirements that aren´ t necessary. Once I knew a case that Administration demanded carpentry knowledge for a concierge place. I had learned hundred of students and I think that they want to pass exams without much effort. They like to make cheeting. I always cheer my students to study hard and pass the exams in an honest way. I have been teaching students for a two years and I always try to explain contents in an easy way.


Pass an official exam is really traumatic and it is a hard work, it is better a long-term work. Students often want to pass exams in three months and this is impossible. I advice that passing exam average is two years. Any students fall in depression when they fail their first exams. You need to be constant and hard-working. If you are going to present your application you will must to study very much and study at least four daily hours. If you follow my advice you can compite with other persons to get the the place and win the test.


I want to make a question Do you think that you can pass an official exam? If you want you can...

I have a method to win tests. The secret is to study hard, understand my explanations, apply my mnemonic rules and have a bit of lucky. There are the four ingredients to pass an official exam. Other tech is to record theme contents and you can hear this with a MP3 all day, it works!


I have to prepare my classes. I look after the themes, I make summaries and I look after test exams. The object of this is to support my students and offer facilities.


The personality adjectives are required to be a perfect oppositioner are ambitious, responsible, aggresive, competitive, organized and imaginative. Persons who have had this personality have been good students for a official exam.


I am studying my own official exam too. I have preparing the Work´s Inspector official exam. I love Labor Relations and I would like to be Work´s Inspector and punish firms that exploit illegal workers. This is my future dream.

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